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Get to know us better!


The faces behind the brand!

Ace Celebrations was born in 2019 out of a passion for helping clients turn their dream events into reality. However, the love for gathering and celebrating with family and friends was in their nature long before this establishment. Planning and decorating parties for dear ones and seeing their faces light-up meant the world, so they decided to expand the joy.  

These ladies have extremely creative minds and an eye for perfection and extravaganza. The magical decorations you see have all been self-taught to them. They're constantly keeping up with the new trends to make sure their clients experience the WOW factor every time! 


Our commitment!

Since their inception, they’ve committed themselves to creating impactful and creative experiences for their clients and their guests, no matter the size of the event.

The team strives to meet and exceed the needs of everyone involved. This is because they understand the importance of working with (not just for) their clients in order to make their events unforgettable, forging memories that last long after the last guests leave.

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